What is a GPX file?

A GPX file is a universal file format to exchange GPS data. This format is recognized by most map and GPS companies.

You can export your trips as GPX files from TrimbleOutdoors.com, then upload them into other GPS devices, websites, mobile apps, and mapping platforms. GPX files can contain waypoints, routes, tracks, and other info.

Important FAQs:
• GPX files do not contain media files (photos, videos). Media files are exported separately into a zipfile when you export trips from TrimbleOutdoors.com. However, each gpx does have a waypoint that represents the location of any media in your trip.

• Some fitness websites required GPX files to have timestamp info in order to import them. Your trips will have timestamp info, if the track was collected from our mobile apps. The trip will not have timestamp data, if you manually drew a track or exported a trip from another user.

• Some data within a GPX file may not import into other programs, such as activity name, device info, and trip descriptions. Each GPS platform handles these trip attributes differently.

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