How to Export All Your Trips from

Here’s how to export all your trips from Trimble Outdoors website.

Important: Please export your trip data before the site shutdown on March 31, 2017. Your trips will not be available after this date.  

• Go to

• Log into your account. The same account you use in your mobile app.

• Select My Dashboard in the navigation bar.

• Under My Account, select Export All Trips.

• Verify your email address. Hit Send.

This request kicks off a process to export all the trip data into a master zip file. Once the file is created, we will send you an email where to download the master file. You will have 3 days to download the file. Inside the zipfile there will be a folder for each trip which includes a GPS file (.GPX) and any media associated to that trip.

Tip:  Make sure all your trips are synced from your mobile apps to the website before you export all your trips. LEARN MORE

Tip: What are GPX files and what can I do with them? LEARN MORE    

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