How to Use Buddy Finder

How to Use Buddy Finder in Trimble Outdoors

See real-time GPS locations of friends on a map within the Trimble Outdoors app. Get started:

• Launch Trimble Outdoors app on an iPhone or Android device.

• Select the Map icon.

• Hit the Layers button in the bottom-right corner.

• Scroll down to Buddy Finder area. Slide switch key to the On position. 

• On the Buddy Finder screen, slide the switch key to Enabled status.

• Enter a Screen Name (e.g.: John). This is the name your friends will see on their phones.

• Select a four-digit privacy code. This is the channel code you and your friends share to see each others' location.

• Select Save button on top-right corner. Then hit Done.

Each friend needs to repeat the above process on their smartphones. Once one or more friends have enabled Buddy Finder, you will see their real-time locations on the Map screen in the Trimble Outdoors app.

Other Buddy Finder Questions

Q: Does Buddy Finder require a data signal?
A: Yes. Buddy Finder requires a cellular data connection to exchange data between mobile devices. So to see your friend’s live GPS location and vice versa both devices need a data connection. Buddy Finder does not use communication satellites to exchange data between smartphones; that’s a more expensive technology that requires standalone hardware with a satellite data subscription plan.  

Q: What happens if my buddy loses cell service? Will I still see his location?
A: The mobile app will show your buddy’s last known location for up to 24 hours. If he returns to cell service before the 24-hour time cap, the app will update his GPS position with the new location.

Q: How do I end a Buddy Finder session?
A: Go the Map Screen. Hit Layers. Then turn off and disable the Buddy Finder option. Once off, your position will no longer be shared and you will no longer see other people on the same channel.

Q: How many friends can be on one channel?
A: Each channel supports up to 25 people. We also recommend that you pick a unique four-digit channel, not sequential digits (like: 1234) or ones with the same numbers (like: 2222).

Q: I don't see the Buddy Finder option under Map > Layers.
A: Make sure you are logged into the app with your Trimble Outdoors account. Buddy Finder is only available for Elite and Platinum members. 

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