How to Export Your GPS (.GPX) Files

How to Export Your GPS (.GPX) Files from

Need to exchange a GPS file with a friend or export a file to use in your standalone GPS device? Follow these steps to export a file from your account.

• Log into

• Go to My Dashboard and find the trip you want to share in the Trip List.

• Under Options for the trip, select Download. Next, select GPX. This downloads a .GPX file onto your computer or, if there are any photos, videos, or audio files, a .ZIP file with the .GPX file also included.

• Email or share the .GPX file with friend. Or, import the file into your Garmin, Magellan, Delorme, GPS watch, or any other GPS-enabled device.

What is a GPX file?
GPX files are a universal file format to exchange GPS info. Most mapping platforms and GPS devices support this format. A GPX file includes waypoint, track, and route info. No media.

How to Import a GPS (.GPX) File into

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