How to View My Trips

How to View My Trips in Trimble Outdoors

You can easily access all your trips in the Trimble Outdoors apps and at Here's how:

In App
• Launch app. Select My Trips icon from the Main Menu.

• The My Trips area lists all your trips. The Other Trips area lists all trips that you don't own. If you have a data connection, this page auto-syncs all your trips to the Trip Cloud.

• Click on a Trip to load GPS details and media into your mobile device. 

• Hit the Use As Guide or Continue Trip buttons to see the trip on the Map screen.

Tip: To save offline maps select the "Create Map Pack From Trip" button.
Tip: Not seeing trips? Make sure you are logged into the app. From the Main Menu, select Settings. Then log into your account.

• Go to Log in.

• Select My Dashboard in the navigation bar.

• The Dashboard lists all your trips. Select a trip to view the trip's GPS info, and media on a map.

Tip: Not seeing your trips? Make sure you are logged into the same account on your phone and/or tablet. 

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