Sync Trips to Mobile App from Trip Planner

How to Sync Trips to the Trimble Outdoors App from Trip Planner

You marked waypoints. You saved your trip in Trip Planner. Now, download and view your trip in the Trimble Outdoors app. Here’s how:

• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app on your device. Tip: Make sure you are logged into the app with your account and have a wireless connection.
• From the Main Menu, select My Trips. Next, the app will automatically sync your trip list into the mobile app, including any new trips.


• Next, select the trip to download into your app. Now the app will download all the trip details, including waypoints, tracks, and media, onto your mobile device.  Feel free to preview all the trip data.

• To view this trip on the Map Screen, select the trip then tap Use as Guide button. The app will take you to the Map Screen and load the trip details into the screen. You are ready to navigate in the field.

• To close the trip, select the Jump button. Tap Guide Trip icon. On the Guide Trip screen, select the Close button on the bottom toolbar. Then select Yes. The trip is now closed and removed from the Map screen.  

Important: Offline maps are not downloaded with trips. Only GPS info (waypoints, tracks) and media are downloaded. To download maps for the trip, go to the Off-The-Grid Maps area in the Trimble Outdoors app.

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