Seeing My GPS Location

Seeing My GPS Location in the Trimble Outdoors App

Trimble Outdoors taps into the GPS chip built into your device to pinpoint your location. To achieve a GPS lock, launch the app and go to the Map screen. In the upper-right corner there is a GPS status bar. The more bars filled in, the better your accuracy. Once the app has a GPS fix, a blue arrow will show your location. Then you are ready to navigate, mark waypoints, and collect tracks.

Tip: Click the Follow Me button (arrow icon) in the upper-left of the Map screen to zoom to your GPS location at any time.

Tech Note: Your phone must have a clear view of the sky to locate the satellites it needs to provide a location. You might not be able to acquire a signal if you are indoors, in a deep canyon, or in a thick wooded canopy. Several other variables can affect GPS signals and overall accuracy like phone model, what GPS systems the phone can identify, and the actual number of satellites above the horizon. In general, smartphones are accurate to 3 to 5 meters but again accuracy will vary by phone model and what terrain you are in. You might see better, you might see worse.

Overall, the accuracy you achieve with Trimble Outdoors is plenty good for navigating in the outdoors. We have hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world using our apps to navigate in remote areas. Smartphones can sniff out the exact same satellite signals as many standalone GPS devices. In fact, accuracy levels of a smartphone are quite similar to consumer-grade GPS devices (Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme) that can cost hundreds of dollars.

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