Topo Maps

Topo Maps for Trimble Outdoors

We offer topographic maps for the United States in online, mobile, and printed map formats. Topo maps have long been the gold standard for serious backcountry trips. Our topos are digital versions of the more than 50,000 quad maps created by the United States Geological Service (USGS). These basemaps are enhanced, stitched together, and prepared for digital use by our sister company,

That means you can view these topo maps in our mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android) and in Trip Planner, our online map editing tool. You can also print your own topo maps at home with Trip Planner.

Our topo maps zoom down to 1:24K scale (7.5-minute) and show 20- or 40-foot contour lines for most places in the U.S. In Alaska, the map scale is 1:63K.

Check them out yourself on our website. > Preview Topo Maps   

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