Intro to Offline Maps

Intro to Offline Maps with Trimble Outdoors

One of the big benefits of Trimble Outdoors is the ability to download Off-The-Grid Maps onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Once installed, these maps can be viewed without cell towers. No AT&T, Verizon or Sprint signals required.

Trimble Outdoors offers several ways to install maps on your device, depending on your map needs. Here's a quick break-down with links to step-by-step details:

Download Offline Maps from App

Install Process: Super Easy
Download maps while using the Trimble Outdoors app. Learn more.

Send Offline Maps to Mobile App

Install Process: Easy
Send maps from to your Trimble Outdoors app. Learn more.

Save Custom Offline Maps from App

Install Process: Intermediate
Download your own custom offline map packs from the Trimble Outdoors app. Best for: aerial-satellite images and hybrid maps. Learn more.

Get Offline Maps on a Memory Card

Install Process: Intermediate to Advanced
Get a map card pre-loaded with statewide topo maps and helpful map layers (private lands, public lands). Learn more.

Side-Load Maps into Mobile via Computer

Install Process: Advanced
Download maps onto your computer then side-load them into your mobile device. This is best for people with limited data plans or Android users who want to store maps on a memory card. Learn more. 

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