Import a Google Earth File into Trip Planner

How to Import a Google Earth File into Trip Planner

Although there is no way to import Google Earth files (.KML) into Trimble Outdoors, we recommend you use GPSBabel, a free third-party software to convert your Google files to the standard GPS format (.GPX). Once converted, you can quickly import .GPX files into Trip Planner then sync GPS info to your mobile devices. Here's how to convert the files:

• Download GPSBabel. Follow install instructions on your computer.
• Launch GPSBabel software on computer.
• Under Input area, select Google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language as the Format.
• Select Files Name(s) and find the Google Earth file on your computer.
• Under Translation Options, select what data to convert: Waypoints, Routes, Tracks.
• Under Output area, select GPX XML as the Format.
• Click File Name to select where to save the new .GPX file.
• Hit OK. Your file will be converted into .GPX format.
• Import GPX file into Trip Planner, our web-based map editor tool. Learn how at: How to Upload a GPS (.GPX) File

Example: Photos below show the same trip in Google Earth, in Trip Planner (our online map editor), and in the Trimble Outdoors mobile app.

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