Import a GPS (.GPX) File into Trip Planner

How to Import a GPS (.GPX) File into Trip Planner

• Go to Log into your account.

• Select Maps in the site navigation bar. Scroll down and click the Trip Planner option. The page opens with a map zoomed out to the United States.

• Click the Tools icon in the upper right corner.

• Select the .GPX button. From the pop-up, select the Browse button.

• Find the .GPX file on your computer. Select the Open button.

• After you return to the pop-up box, hit the Upload button. Wait for your GPX file to load into the map screen.

• Click the Trip Details button. Hit the Save button. Under Trip Details is also a list of all the waypoints and tracks you imported. Feel free to edit the GPS info.

• When done, hit the Save button again in the Trip Details area.

Once a trip is saved to your account, you can also instantly access it and navigate with it in your Trimble Outdoors app.

How to Export Your GPS (.GPX) Files

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