How to Download Offline Maps from App

How to Download Offline Maps from the Trimble Outdoors App

Get maps faster. You can now download topo maps and helpful map layers with a one-click download process within our smartphone apps. Instantly save offline maps by county, national park, wilderness area, and hunt unit. Here’s how:

• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app.

• Select Off-The-Grid Maps from Main Menu.

• Go to Purchased tab.


• Select the topo maps to save onto your device for offline viewing.

• Hit Download button. Tip: These full-color map files can be big. Connect to WiFi for faster download times.

• Go to the On Device tab within Off-The-Grid Maps area. This area shows all the maps saved on your device for viewing outside of cell coverage.

• Hit the View button to go to the Map screen.


Once these maps are installed, you can explore remote areas and see your GPS location on maps without cell towers. That’s correct. No AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint signals required.  


What’s Included With These One-Click Map Downloads?:

Base Map: Topo Maps (USGS Topo Maps, enhanced by MyTopo; 18 zoom levels, down to 20-foot contours in most places; Map Scales: 1:24,000, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 for most areas).

Map Overlays: Public Land Boundaries, Lake Maps, and updated Forest Road info, where available. Memory Card customers and Platinum members also get private property lines and landowner details available for the state they purchased.

Place Border: See the boundary of the county, national park, wilderness area, or hunt unit downloaded.   

Note: This advanced feature requires an Off-The-Grid Maps purchase, a Platinum membership or an Elite membership. 

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