Viewing Maps

Viewing Maps in the Trimble Outdoors App

You can view five different map types in Trimble Outdoors: topo maps, aerial-satellite images, hybrid maps, street maps, and terrain maps. Each map type offers a unique perspective of the Earth and you might find it valuable to switch between map types to understand the area you want to explore better.


Here's how to view maps:

• From Main Menu, select the Map icon. Pinch your fingers to zoom in and out on the Map screen. Swipe up, down, left, or right to move the map to a different area. Tip: Use the search field to quickly find a location.


• To switch map types, press the Layers button. Hit Map Types to change the basemap.

Note: You will need a data or wireless connection to view maps. Going remote? Download maps onto your device for offline viewing. Learn more: Intro to Offline Maps.

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