I Can’t Connect to Facebook

I Can’t Connect to Facebook with Trimble Outdoors

You can only have your Facebook account connected to one Trimble Outdoors account. If you get an error message that your Facebook account is already connected to a Trimble Outdoors account, you might need to re-pair your accounts. Here’s a few ways to resolve:

Option 1: On Website

• Log into your account on TrimbleOutdoors.com.

• Go to My Dashboard. Under My Account area, select Facebook. This page will tell you if you have the Trimble Outdoors Facebook app linked to your TrimbleOutdoors.com account.  Follow on-screen directions to connect or remove your account.

Option 2: In App

• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app on your mobile device.

• From the Main Menu, select Settings.

• If needed, log into your TrimbleOutdoors.com account. Once logged in, check to see what Facebook account is tied to your TrimbleOutdoors.com account. Connect or remove your account.

Option 3: On Facebook

• Log into Facebook.com on your computer.

• Hit the Globe icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar. Then select Settings.

• Select Apps in the left-side navigation bar. Find Trimble Outdoors. Follow on-screen instructions to Remove or Edit Settings.

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