How to Reinstall the Trimble Outdoors App

How to Reinstall the Trimble Outdoors App

Occasionally, you will need to uninstall then reinstall the Trimble Outdoors app. Please follow these steps to avoid losing any data.

Step 1: Back-Up Your Purchases and Trips

Make sure all your trips and Trimble Outdoors subscriptions are backed up to your account.

• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app.
• On the Main Menu, make sure any Active Trips are closed.
• Next, log into app. From Main Menu, go to Settings then select Login/Register. The process of logging in or registering an account will sync all your trips and purchases. Already logged in? Just hit "Refresh User" and the app will re-sync all your trips and purchases.

All trips and subscription details are now saved to your Trimble Outdoors account.

Step 2: Delete & Reinstall Apps

iPhone | iPad
• Find the app on your device.
• Press and hold on the the app icon until the icon starts shaking. This is the edit mode.
• Hit the X in the top-left corner of the app icon. Hit Delete button to confirm.
• Re-install app. Go to Apple App Store. Search for "Trimble Outdoors" and re-download the app.

• From the Home Screen on your Android Device, select Menu button.
• Select Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Find the app in the list.
• From here, you can select Clear Data or Uninstall. Select Uninstall.
• Re-install app. Go to Google Play Store. Search for "Trimble Outdoors" and re-download the app.

Important: You will need to re-download Off-The-Grid Maps onto your device after a reinstall process.

Related Topic:
Do I have to buy the Pro app again if I reinstall the app?
No. Your Pro app purchase is tied to your Apple App Store account or Google Play Store account. You can delete and re-install the app without charge as long as you log into the same store account you purchased the app with.

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