How to View Private Lands on Mobile Device

How to View Private Lands in the Trimble Outdoors app

Years ago, people had to drive over to the county assessor’s office and buy a paper plat book to get local maps with private property lines and landowner information. Not anymore. We now have landownership details for 86 percent of the counties in the United States. Whew! That’s a lot of properties! But all that skunk work means you can now seamlessly and easily view private land details in our mobile apps.

Not only that, but once these maps are installed on your mobile device, you can view the maps, see your GPS location, and navigate in the field even when you explore out of network. No cell or data signals are required. That’s correct: No ATT, Verizon, or Sprint signals are required to use our technology. Here’s how to get started:  

• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app.
• From the Main Menu, go to Off-The-Grid Maps > Purchased tab.

• Find the state you want. Note: You must be a Platinum member for that state to access and download private lands.

• Download private lands by county or by hunt unit. This download also includes topo basemaps and public land overlays. Tip: Connect to WiFi for faster download times.

• Once installed, click the blue View button to go to the Maps screen.

• From the Maps screen, select the Layers option on the bottom.

• From the Overlay drop-down, select “Land Ownership.” This adds a property lines overlay to your base maps on the Map screen.

Also, on the Layers screen, under Map Options, turn on Land Ownership Markers. This puts clickable red dots to the Map screen. Click on them to see Assessor Parcel Number, Landowner Name, Address, and Land Size. Now, select the Done button in top-right corner. (Android Users: Select the Ok button in the bottom-left corner.)

• Pinch the Map screen to zoom into map for more details. You’ll see private property lines as well as dozens of red dots. A red dot with a plus symbol (+) means there are multiple properties in that area.

• Zoom in more until you get a signal red dot. Click on the dot to see all the landowner details we have for that specific property. These details are collected from the county assessor’s office.

To turn off the red dots, select Layers, scroll down to Map Options and turn off Land Ownership Markers. You can still see the private land borders without this option.

Tip: To turn off property lines, select Layers, then from the Overlay drop-down, select the None option.     

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