How to Drop a Waypoint Anywhere on the Map

How to Drop a Waypoint Anywhere on the Map

Scenario: You are deep into the backcountry. You don’t want to miss a critical location located a few miles ahead. Maybe this important location is a trail junction, a spring to fill your water bottles, or a safe creek crossing. No problem. Consult the maps in the app to find the critical location then drop a waypoint right on the map.  Here’s how:

• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app.
• From the Main Menu, Select Maps icon.

• On the Maps screen, zoom and pan to the location you want. Press and hold your finger on the location where you want to place a waypoint.

•  The app will prompt you to start a New Trip. Select Start. (Android Users: Select “Mark point here.” Then select Ok to create a New Trip.)

• Select the Waypoint option.

• On the Waypoint screen, you can name the waypoint (Trail) and add a description (Turn right). Once done, hit Save.

• The waypoint is now placed on the Map screen.

Tip: Orient yourself. Zoom out on the Map screen to see your GPS location (blue dot) compared to the waypoint you marked.
Tip: Use the GoTo button on the Map screen for extra extra navigation features to help guide you to that important waypoint.

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