How to Save Custom Offline Maps (Topos, Aerial-Satellite, Streets, Hybrid, Terrain)

How to Save Custom Offline Maps (Topos, Aerial-Satellite, Streets, Hybrid) in the Trimble Outdoors App

Use our Custom Map tool to save offline maps onto your smartphone before you go off-the-grid. Once these maps are installed, you can explore remote areas and see your GPS location on maps without cell towers. That’s correct: No AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint signals required.

• Launch app. Select the Map icon from the Main Menu.

• On the Map screen, hit the Layers button.

• Change the Map Type to the map you want to consult while saving custom offline maps. Next, select Offline Maps under Custom Overlay.

 • Tap the Create Offline Map / Custom Maps button in the bottom menu.


Once on the Custom Maps screen, follow these steps:

1. select the Map Type you want. We suggest you download one map type at a time.

2. use the slider to pick the maximum zoom level you want saved on your mobile device. Zoom levels can range from Zoom 1 (least detailed) to Zoom 19 (most detailed). Note: Some map types have more zoom levels than others. For example, topo maps go to zoom level 16 while aerials go to zoom level 19. 

3. Now, select the map area you want saved on your device. Zoom out, pan, and adjust box size to change the map area.

4. Next, enter a name for your custom map file (e.g: My Next Hike).

5. Hit the Done button.

• Maps will begin to download. Tip: Connect to WiFi for faster downloads and to avoid data chargers from your mobile provider. Also for performance reasons, we limit custom map file sizes to 2GB. However, you can download as many custom map files as you need.

• Once the maps are installed, hit the map name to view them on the Map screen.

Available Zoom Levels by Map Type

We offer six map types (topo, aerial, hybrid, outdoors, streets, terrain). and one map overlay (public lands) in our custom offline maps tool.

Topo Maps: Zoom Levels 1-16
Aerial Images: 1-19
Hybrid Maps:  1-19
Outdoors Maps: 1-19
Street Maps: 1-19
Terrain Maps: 1-19

Please Note: This advanced app feature is only available to Pro app users, and Elite and Platinum members. 

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