Creating a Trimble Outdoors Account

Creating a Trimble Outdoors Account

Protect your purchases. Backup your trips. See your data on any device. Create an account to take full advantage of the Trimble Outdoors platform.

Account Benefits:
• All purchases are backed up to your account in case you lose your device or purchase a new one. Example: You own an iPhone 5. Then switch to a Galaxy 6. Your data moves to your new phone, if you create an account.

• Access your subscription services and trips on multiple devices (up to three). Example: View your trips on your iPhone and iPad. Or, download Off-The-Grid Maps on both devices too.

• Sync trips between all your devices with Trip Cloud. Example: See trips on your computer, on your smartphone, and on your tablet when logged into your account.

How to Register or Log into the Trimble Outdoors App

• Launch app. 
• Select Settings icon.

• Select Login or Register option. Follow on-screen directions.

How to Register or Log into

• Go to
• Select Login button in top-right corner.

• Fill in Login or Register details.

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