How to Backup Your Off-The-Grid Maps Purchase

How to Backup Your Off-The-Grid Maps Purchase

We highly recommend that you register your Off-The-Grid Maps (Memory Card) purchase to a account. Here's why:

• You can view your Off-The-Grid Maps (SD cards) on more than one device. Put them on your smartphone and tablet, if you want. Up to 3 mobile devices.
• Your purchase is linked to your Trimble Outdoors account, not your device. So if your device gets damaged, upgraded, or replaced, you can still access your Off-The-Grid Maps after you install them on your new device and log back into your Trimble Outdoors account.
• You get access to free map updates for one year after purchase. We update our private lands and hunt units on a regular basis.
• You unlock one-year access to all Platinum membership features, including our online Trip Planner, extra topo maps, and 20% discount on all orders.

Here's how to link your purchase to a Trimble Outdoors account:

• Install Off-The-Grid Maps on device, if you haven't already. (Instructions: iPhone & iPad | Android)
• Launch the Trimble Outdoors app.
• Go to Settings page.
• Login or register a Trimble Outdoors account. A message will prompt you to connect your purchases to your account. Hit Connect.

Note: If you skipped the Connect purchases process in the past, you can connect the purchase by logging out and logging back into the app.

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