Why Can't I Access My Subscription?

Why Can't I Access My Trimble Outdoors Subscription?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to access your Elite or Platinum features.

• Check to make sure you received payment confirmation from the vendor (PayPal, Google Play, Apple App Store).
• Make sure you are logged into the Trimble Outdoors app or into the TrimbleOutdoors.com site. Your subscription is tied to your TrimbleOutdoors.com account.

• Log out. Then log back into the app or website. This can help re-sync your account to our servers and activate the subscription.

• Hit the Restore Purchases button within the Off-The-Grid Maps section of the mobile app.

• Your subscription has expired. To check the status of your subscriptions, log into TrimbleOutdoors.com and go to the Dashboard page.

Still problems? Please contact our Customer Service department at support@trimbleoutdoors.com.

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